Shipping / Delivery

a man in red shirt carrying a cardboard box beside the van

Please note some information regarding shipping and delivery of our products:

Free Local Delivery: We are pleased to offer free local delivery to a large portion of the Greater Toronto Area – ranging from the 404/DVP in the East to Dufferin in the West; from Elgin Mills in the North to St Clair in the South. Kindly note, however, that the free local deliveries are only sent out once per week, so it may be a few days until your delivery arrives. There is also the option for a free pickup from our store, or we can arrange a quicker delivery for you at an extra fee.

Delivery outside our local area: There are several shipping methods that we are pleased to be able to offer, ranging from less expensive ground service to overnight express air delivery (but.. it IS 2022, and let’s be honest, shipping prices aren’t what they were two or three years ago).
For those out of town looking to order Sukkah Combo Packages, we HIGHLY recommend considering buying the pieces a la carte instead, and sourcing 2×4 beams to hold up your schach from your local hardware or lumber store. The price for shipping the bamboo poles is simply astronomical, due to their excessive length. You might save $100 on lumber when we throw in the poles, but the extra shipping charges could be several hundreds.